Always the Right Time

I’m just back from taking a few days off to go visit my dad, Buddy Garison. He still lives in the same house where I was raised in Southeast Texas, near Orange. Mom passed away in 2010, and ever since then, Dad has lived by himself, with his faithful canine companion, a German Shepherd named “Chica.”

To call my Dad “stubborn” would be an understatement. He is feisty and independent, and even though confined to a wheelchair, he still mows his own grass, keeps a garden, and gets around pretty well. He is 86.

My brothers and I met together to do some work on the house and spend some time with dad and with each other. Our family has always been close, but since Mom passed, we have become even more aware of the need to tell people that you love how you feel. We know what it’s like to get that terrible phone call and for someone you love dearly just to be gone. One of the things that makes that a little less painful is knowing that we said “I love you” while we still could.

Is there someone you need to call? Who needs to hear you say, “I love you”? NOW would be a good time!


2 thoughts on “Always the Right Time

  1. Dusty, Thank you. I remember Tommie and Buddy with tears in my eyes, they were, as all your family, very special. Many a time in the 25 years I ministered next door in a tuff place called Vidor, I would drive down the forest and pull into the difficult side road to Garrison road and park in their driveway and we would spend time together and with the Lord in their sitting room. I remember sitting in on one of Dr. Crawford’s classes at DCC with you and Lori, and who could forget the betting that was going on in the Golden Triangle about your younger brother and my youngest son: “Would they be Rock Stars, Outlaws or preachers?” Thank God, He won with both of them. Thank you Dusty for you boys looking in on Daddy Buddy, the mechanic that loves God dearly. Thanks!
    Love//Herb Pinney

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