Investigators Study Sheets

Investigators Bible Class
Study sheets, Copyright (c) 2020, Dusty Garison. All rights reserved.

For over ten years I have taught the “Investigators Bible Class” at Beltway Park Church in Abilene – most of that at the south campus, but now at the north campus. These study sheets were written specifically for my class. You are welcome to print these for personal use, but please do not edit, revise, copy, distribute or otherwise republish without specific permission.

  • Coming soon: Our current study – Philippians: A Call to Community

2 thoughts on “Investigators Study Sheets

  1. Great website and resume. I am not familiar with DCC. I assume it is related to the Christian Church. They and acu trained you well, but you have the intellect that is trainable to a high level. Elaine and I enjoy your class. We will be out a lot this summer with HHC activities. Not just skipping.

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